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Middle Primary

Years 3 & 4

In Years 3 and 4, the learning programme offers continuation and consolidation of earlier learning, with scaffolding to allow children to engage in more independent activities and creative decision-making. At this age children are developing a greater sense of responsibility for others around them.


A differentiated curriculum is a high priority, with every child learning at their own pace, extended or remediated as needed.  The individual care given to your child by our teaching staff allows them to start identifying and working with their strengths, and to become more confident in their abilities as a student. The differentiated curriculum we provide for our students is of an extremely high standard, putting into action our goal to help all our students reach their potential.

The learning programme for students in Middle Primary aims to develop the whole child.  Practical applications of Christianity, including service to others, are presented in conjunction with the concepts and content of the Western Australian Curriculum Framework.

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