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Upper Primary

Years 5 & 6

There are key areas that we concentrate on with children at this age to help them prepare for High School. We want them to be able to cope academically, to be resilient socially and emotionally, to be autonomous self-motivated learners, respectful and caring for those around them and respectful to teaching staff.


Students in Years 5 and 6 are encouraged to take responsibility for personal organisation and decision-making, and to learn about personal obligations. With outdoor initiative camps for students in Year 6 and leadership programmes, such as Student Representative Council from Year 5 onwards, children develop the attributes they will need as they head toward High School.  For example:


  • Students start to make choices for God, having a firm understanding of fundamental Christian beliefs, giving them a good foundation and grasp of what they understand of their Christian faith.

  • Work habits – With more personal independence and time management, students’ learning begins to mature, giving a good foundation leading into High School.

  • Students will be exposed to technology and become responsible digital citizens with a good understanding of IT and its appropriate use. We want our students to have a mature attitude to the use of the internet, with awareness of its benefits and dangers.

  • Personal qualities to help them have a good perspective on the world they live in and develop respect for themselves, teachers, each other and parents.

  • Students are encouraged to develop self-awareness, reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses, abilities, likes and dislikes, helping them to understand their place in God’s world.


1:1 Technology

Students in our Year 5 and 6 class begin using technology more for various aspects of their learning and as such, are a part of our school 1:1 device programme. This requires parents to purchase an electronic device for educational use in the classroom and at home. Our school has determined that Apple is the platform that will be supported at school.  As such, we ask that you purchase an Apple Macbook or iPad with an associated keyboard ready to be used when your child enters Year 5. 

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