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Adventist Christian Education in Western Australia commenced in 1899 as a part-time evening school, operated in Murray Street, Perth for Chinese settlers.


Later in 1903, action was taken to establish full-time primary schooling. During the decades that followed, many Adventist schools were established both in city and country regions. 


There are currently 4 Adventist Christian schools in the Perth metropolitan area and 1 school operating in country Western Australia that make up Adventist Christian Schools WA. We are part of Adventist Schools Australia which currently supports 50 school campuses spread across Australia that are offering quality Christian education to 13,000 students, and a part of a network of Adventist Schools worldwide, employing over 84,000 teachers and currently educating over 1.6 million students.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Western Australia gladly celebrates over a century of Christian education giving God honour and glory for His leading in and sustaining of this integral ministry.


Our Vision

Adventist Christian Schools (WA) 


ACSWA has two main goals for our schools.


  • Infusing Special Character into Education

  • Being Schools of Excellence


Special Character


Traditionally, schooling involves the promotion of academic learning, physical development and social and emotional growth.  Adventist Christian Schools in WA ensure that this maturing happens with a Christian context. 


Special Character has been defined many ways as it encompasses the faith, beliefs and practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Put quite simply, it’s about leading people to Jesus, especially our students. Infusing Special Character into our schools involves all aspects of school life and includes ensuring that the Curriculum is taught within a Christian context. 



School of Excellence


Being a School of Excellence is more that a league table rating. It’s more than having students rank in the top 10% of the state or nation.


A School of Excellence is one where every child achieves at their ability.


Longitudinal studies have shown that students in Seventh-day Adventist Schools significantly improve in their learning the longer they are enrolled, beginning with a small improvement beyond their expected ability and over time, building into significant improvement. 


Landsdale Christian School focuses on school improvement through the QASF and the provision of programmes of learning to meet students' individual needs that enables us to help build this culture of improvement and be a School of Excellence. 

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