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High School

Years 11 + 12

The focus in Senior School is on giving students exposure to a wide variety of life experiences, developing attitudes towards the world we live in, keeping an open mind to what might happen post-school, being able to make informed decisions and having compassion through service to others. In the senior years of high school at Landsdale Christian School we see the students becoming driven young individuals displaying traits such as: 

  • Resilience

  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Discernment

  • Self-discipline

  • Spiritual leadership


We believe this will enable them to become:

  • Life-long learners

  • Leaders and role models

  • Responsible citizens

  • Respected young adults


We want our students to have an outward approach that asks,  “How can I contribute to the community in which I live?"


Senior School Courses 

We offer tailored packages to suit the interests and needs of each student in Senior High School. Landsdale Christian School offers a variety of options including ATAR and VET courses. Flexible delivery options are available that enable students to access subjects that are not currently offered on site. For further information on courses currently available contact us using the button below.

High School

Extra-curricular Programmes

High School

Home + School in Partnership

Year 11 – Sydney, Canberra and Snow Trip

Year 12 – Leavers' mission trip destination developed in consultation with the graduating class

Senior High School students have the opportunity to travel interstate and abroad for camps that allow them to engage in leisure and service activities. Camps are vital to the culture of the student cohorts, as they get to engage with each other and teachers outside the school grounds. These experiences encourage social cohesion, student leadership, strong friendships and team-work. Most importantly students step out of their comfort zone and are given the opportunity to serve others and contribute to society. 

Year 11 Trip: Each year our students join with our sister school, Carmel Adventist Secondary College and travel to Sydney, Canberra and the snowfields. They get to experience boarding at Avondale College of Higher Education and learn about the different courses offered while visiting classes with the older college students. They then head to Canberra to visit Parliament House during question time and visit the historical Australian War Memorial, along with other exciting discoveries about our Australian Capital. Then to top it all off, the students get to either snowboard or ski and just have an absolute ball at the snowfields. 


Year 12 Mission Trip: Having experienced a teacher led mission trip in Year 10, our Year 12 students will get the unique opportunity to collaboratively plan their own overseas leavers trip.  Students decide almost all the items on their trips agenda such as the programmes, events and service activities they will be contributing to. From this incredible experience, the students will return as energised, open-minded and confident young adults ready to take the next step in their lives. 

At Landsdale Christian School we have excellent student-teacher ratios in senior subjects, which allows for strong support, regular monitoring and communication between home and school.  Our smaller class sizes provide an academic advantage for students gaining their ATAR/VET Certificates. Lower student to teacher ratios also enables students to interact with teachers more effectively, allowing them to make use of extensive feedback to promote their own learning.  


Realistic goal setting is an important factor in the transition to Senior School. We focus on offering exactly what students need to be successful, and work with families and students to ensure we provide options in any vocational path.


There is a parent web-based portal available through phone, tablet and computer so parents can view and access assessment tasks, program outlines and make direct contact with teachers.


“We are committed to supporting parents in the important role they play in the senior school process of students achieving a WACE. While the school plays a critical part of that in teaching and learning, and supporting students, we also realise that the home environment is vital to their academic growth.” 


Senior staff Landsdale Christian School

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