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As a Principal at Landsdale Christian School, I am constantly impressed with our staff and their commitment to the school and education of the children they see each day. Our chaplaincy programme and pastoral care for children are very important.


Being a Kindergarten to Year 12 School, we have a unique opportunity for young students to be mentored and cared for by the older students. This is modeled by the relationship our staff have with the students, and our learning environment has flexibility for these opportunities to take place. We have a foundation of cooperation and care between all the different sections of the school that we want to continually develop. Because of this I am personally committed to having the right high-quality staff.


When I go into the classrooms I see vibrant learning spaces where the interaction between students and teachers is personal, friendly and engaging. I see the warmth that children naturally have towards their teachers, and that flows on to develop a love of learning and positive response to the curriculum. Students feel safe and confident to take an active role in their education.


At Landsdale, fundamental to our senior school programme is a combination of strong academics and a focus on developing senior students to become strong spiritual leaders, trustworthy people and role models, giving them exposure to a wide variety of life experiences. We want them to have an open mind to the challenges they will face when they finish school and be able to make informed decisions.


As I look at our growing resources, quality staff, engaged students and supportive parent community I am truly excited about our future and would encourage any family seeking a genuinely holistic approach to their children’s growth and education to join us at Landsdale Christian School.


Lee Walker

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