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Early Childhood


Our Kindergarten programme provides children with an excellent foundation for Pre-Primary, with a play-based programme that is offered 3 or 5 days per week. Our teachers and assistants are highly skilled with qualifications in Early Childhood Education.


"Research shows that children are play-learning individuals.  In an open and tolerant atmosphere, where children are free to make their own choices, both play and learning dimensions will be present.  Children do not separate play and learning unless they are influenced by adults."  (Samuelsson, 2008, p.3)

“When I go in the Kindy classroom it is vibrant and full of evidence of children’s learning experiences. The interaction between children and the teacher is personal, friendly and caring. They have a great connection. The warmth that children naturally have towards their teacher flows on to develop their love of learning and response to the play-based curriculum. Children feel safe and confident to take risks and an active role in their education.”


Lee Walker, Principal


With opportunities for indoor and outdoor learning experiences, the programme weaves an introduction into numeracy and literacy through sensory experiences and play.  The programme is developed using principles of the Early Years Learning Framework, promoting a strong sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

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Kindergarten Info Booklet

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