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The Parents & Friends Committee works to provide support to the school, adding value to the learning experience of students.  It allows parents and friends of the school to have a voice in school improvement.  Being a part of the Parents & Friends Committee also gives parents an opportunity to get to know each other and work together to contribute to their children's school experiences.  The team always welcomes new members.  If you would like to be a part of the team, contact the front office, today.

Our team of parents are involved in fund-raising and aspects of community relations.  Their input is valued and respected, by staff and students and the parent group they represent.
Some significant achievements of the Landsdale Christian School Parents & Friends Association include:


  • the purchase of picnic tables, a table tennis table and bike racks for student use

  • organisation and catering for parent information evenings

  • planning and operating fund-raising stalls

  • supporting students as they participate in the Walk to School programme

  • helping to run Book Fairs

  • Coordinating social events that assist with developing a community spirit. (Bonfire and International Food Fair)

  • Overseeing a weekly canteen service

Our goal at Landsdale Christian School is to continue to extend the opportunities for children to engage with nature throughout their schooling.  Our Parents & Friends committee is currently working on a project to develop an additional nature playground for the specific use of all our primary school students.  We look forward to seeing the continuing benefits for each of our students as we move forward in this journey.

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