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Kids Matter is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health, Beyond Blue, Australian Psychological Society, Principals Australian Institute, and Early Childhood Australia.


The Kids Matter programme helps staff infuse strategies that will help children to develop strong mental, social and emotional health. Teachers have been trained in the Kids Matter initiative, implementing programmes including protective behaviours, PATHS, resiliency, drug education and anti-bullying. Using strategies such as those presented in these programmes has become our common practice, guiding how staff respond to and work with students.


As with all areas of the school, the Kids Matter initiative is presented at Landsdale Christian School from a Christian perspective, by supporting students with strategies that will assist them in fulfilling God’s plan for their lives.


The Kids Matter initiative creates an environment across the whole school that involves:


  •        creating positive school and early childhood communities

  •        teaching children skills for good social and emotional development

  •        working together with families

  •        recognising and getting help for children with mental health problems


The initiative has become part of how we as a whole school and community seek to relate to children.

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