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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Orientation Day is a chance for current and new students to experience school life at Landsdale Christian School like they will as a Kindy or Year 7 student in 2020.

We are providing an opportunity for newly enrolled early childhood students to experience Kindy life for a few hours, along with any Year 6 students to experience a half-day in High School.

There will be special activities planned for Orientation Day so that each student has the chance to get to know one another before the next school year commences.

We will be offering a tour, info session and morning tea for parents.


Please contact us today if you are interested in reserving a spot for your child at Orientation Day this year.


If you have not yet enrolled your child for the next school year we encourage you to contact us today and learn more about the Landsdale Christian School experience. We also have trial days available for all other grades and our school principal - Phil Murray - would love to meet you!

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